Wednesday, April 18, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas' Cosmological argument for God
  1. Every finite being must have a cause.
  2. A casual loop cannot exist.
  3. A causal chain cannot be of infinite length. That is to say an infinite regress is impermissible.
  4. Therefore, a First Cause (or something that is not an effect) must exist
  5. This first cause, we call God
Now in the issue of fairness,
The evil argument against god
  1. God is all powerful
  2. God is all good 
  3. God is all knowing
  4. an all powerful and all knowing god could have created no evil
  5. good and evil are inherently contradictory, therefore God cannot be or stand evil
  6. Evil exists in the world
  7. Therefore, God as a all powerful, knowing, and good being does not exist
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  1. i'm a litle confused as to where points 4-7 come from in the argument against god... especially #4, because it contradicts itself in the most basic form, as well as making no connection or correlation to any previous statements. (my 2 cents)

  2. points 1-3 are premises that must be accepted about the nature of god for the argument to work, i just numbered them for organizational purposes, the point of #4 is that god COULD make it so there was no evil in the world, given that he is All POWERFUL and all knowing
    points 4 is a theoretically extension of a hypothetical given the assumptions 1-3
    point 5 is a assumption about the nature of good and evil and that god being an omnibenevolant being (all good) would not create evil
    point 6 is a statement regarding the nature of reality
    point 7 is the conclusions given points 4-7
    Chris if anything i think the argument you are trying to make is in point 5 regarding the nature of good and evil not 4 which deals with the ability of god