Friday, June 22, 2012

Despite the prejudices against men with blogs among several individuals out there, and the instistance of others to post more, this is the best that i have come up with in a week and a half.
Perspective is something that far too often we lose sight of (yes i did just pun perspective). I maintain that humans cannot have contra casual free will, that is to say we can not act contrary to how we would react under a specific set of circumstances. This is important because it means that events could never have occurred differently than the way they did, both the good and the bad. However in evaluating any particular event (something that itself is contained in the circumstances), it becomes necessary to determine whether a particular experience was good or bad for us. The crucial mistake that many of us make when doing this however, is evaluating the event based on the new individual we have become, instead of the individual we would be without the event. Thus while we never have could done things differently then the way they happened, considering reality without them is crucial to evaluating the benefit of the experience. What you have to consider, instead of how do i feel now about it, is how would i feel now if the experience had never happened. Often we lose sight of all the benefits that have come of a particular experience because that experience ended in a particular fashion, yet in many cases it is only because of the benefits existed that the ending was painful. In the cases where the ending cause us to hate the entire experience, gratitude should be our response, because the ending could only cause us to hate the entire experience, if the experience provided something that you would not have otherwise had, otherwise known as the benefits of the experience prior to the ending. Our attention should not be on the ending itself, but on the fact that the ending only hurts because of the experience, thus our response should be one of gratitude that the experience ever happened.
i have posted a couple of songs and i still cannot find any funny pictures so here you get another one, that is one of the few songs that has never gotten old or repetitive to me.

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