Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apparently i have to be more careful about what i post here, because people do exactly as i mean them to.
Finals are almost over, the question now becomes what have i done or not done that i regret this previous year.
1. Waiting as long (and in many cases still waiting, mainly just to see if i can) as i did with regard to a 2 a.m. walk and Jan 5.
2. Not finishing Dragon Age in the past week
3. Not getting better at pool/water pong/racquetball than i am.
4. Not figuring out about the best root beer in the world, earlier
5. Doing ballroom at all, that was just a bad idea
However with that in mind here are the things that i have yet to decide if i will regret
1. covering myself in shaving cream sliding down old main and swimming in the fountain in the middle of campus
2. eating two habanero peppers without drinking anything for five bucks (although that did hurt coming out the next day)
3. eating a stick of butter, solely because i said i would (yeah that one is still inside me)
4. playing skyrim for 160 hrs.
5. listening for hrs on jan 5, taking a 3 hr walk that somehow ended up on the A on someones birthday (yes i managed to resist,barely)
6. Watching all 3 lord of the rings extended editions straight, twice
7. watching big bang theory for hours with my neighbor in our front room
8. Playing Mass Effect (all three of them) straight through
9. Sitting on our front porch and scaring all of the neighbors
10. Rolling through the snow in my underwear
11. Playing bad-mitten in the snow
12. sliding down old main in a trash bag, fake kissing someone on the A, playing football in the snow
13. Watching obscene amounts of television
14. Spending most weekends by myself

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